i met with erin williams of readysetdc in downtown annapolis last week. we had a nice coffee/tea date and discussed my clothing line, aliceanna. this article is what resulted.
i think the article is a great representation of me and my line (i do realize though i need to eliminate the words 'cool' and 'awesome' from my vocabulary, or at least cut down their usage a bit). I especially love the first sentence of the article about me being on the corner of preparation meeting opportunity. It couldn't have been put more accurately. i officially began production yesterday for aliceanna's spring signature pieces that will be for sale at nana this spring/summer. i am in the process of turning my bedroom into an assembly line, and am reminding myself that i can sleep in 2 months. unless of course, something else comes along then.
also, a warm thank you to jordan culberson for providing photography as well as the alec baldwin eye effect. 
you can read the full article here.