story telling

1. turquoise pear briolette necklace, 'g' initial necklace, scalloped necklace
2. scissor necklace, sewing machine necklace
3. banner necklace, freshwater pearl necklace, jagged geode necklace
4. chandelier crystal necklace, medium triangle necklace
5. gold leaf w/ pearls bracelet, gold ice cube stud turquoise earrings

i was fortunate enough to have lanyapi designs lend their jewels for the aliceanna + southern living shoot.

lanyapi (from the louisiana french word lagniappe-'a little something extra') is a new & repurposed vintage jewelry line based in dc. designer daisy incorporates antique treasures and a vintage aesthetic into her pieces to create a story behind each piece. what was loved in the past by one is now loved in the present by another. such a beautiful concept.

lanyapi proved to be the perfect complement to aliceanna.

you can shop lanyapi at nana boutique and these stores here or at their online shop.

you can learn more about lanyapi here.