road trip essentials

this monday, my boyfriend & i will embark on a road trip from annapolis to la by way of new orleans, austin & las cruces. here are a few of my travel essentials.

Vintage Levis Cut Off Shorts Profile Photo

i've worn this chambray shirt everyday this past week. it's the super soft and versatile; there is a deep slash up the center back and tapered tails, which allows me to knot it at my waist without it looking baggy.
 this shirtdress may be see through, but that's what the chambray shirt is for.
last summer i puchased a pair of mens levis 501s and cut them into shorts. i wore them throughout summer without washing them, to get a perfect fit. they're my favorite summer piece.
a really great pair of sunglasses. my boyfriend bought me a pair of vintage anne klein sunglasses similar to these.
eos organic lip balm is the best ever. i have tried 50 or so lip balms in the past and none have done the job nearly as good as this one.
john masters organics sea mist is my best friend in a bottle; i spray it on damp hair just as it's beginning to dry. for second day hair, i just spray it over dry hair and work it through with my hands. it eliminates blow drying and brings out my natural waves.

and candy. lots and lots of candy. i will be stocking that car with candy like it's nobody's business.


birthday weekend

my 27th birthday was this past saturday and it was the best one yet. mani/pedis with mom, a big mexican dinner at sin fronteras, chocolate ganache birthday cake and drinks with my closest friends. above is what i wore (i never did end up winning the lottery).
on sunday, after the readysetdc photo shoot, we went to black cat to see grace (and dan!) perform. grace killed it; a lot of people came to see here, which was great. as soon as i figure out how to get videos off my phone (why is it so hard?) i will post one.

such a great weekend with family & friends.


fashion district preview

i attended a photo shoot today in preparation for readysetdc's fashion district. i'm very excited to be a part of this event; it sounds like it's going to be a blast.

above is audrey wearing aliceanna's louise dress.


our first (etsy) sale

thank you brianna from wading river, new york; she is aliceanna's first etsy customer.
brianna purchased the gorgeous elisa dress pictured above, which will be featured in the may issue of southern living.

check the shop out here; more things to be added in the coming week.


aliceanna: an introduction

 clothing: aliceanna
jewelry: johnnymeg
model: josie herbst
photography: automatic movement
shot at taj vaccarella's studio

plummer top / elizabeth skirt
elisa dress
syd top / hannalei shorts
andrea top / hannalei shorts
josie dress
kamryn dress
lauren top / jazmine skirt
rhea top / rhea pant
jessica dress
shannon romper

i received the studio photos from my spring 2012 line 'aliceanna: an introduction' yesterday from automatic movement. this is my first full collection i've created and i am extremely proud of it.

this collection was introduced in a self-produced show in annapolis last november and since then has traveled to dc, baltimore & back to annapolis in a traveling pop-up shop and has been photographed to be featured in the upcoming may issue of southern living. some of these pieces will be featured in next month's fashion district held in dc and certain signature pieces will be available for sale at nana boutique this may in sizes 2-12.



 {bradford-dimond-norris house, bristol, ri,  february 1948
my grandmother, alice, and my mother, louise, were born and raised here.
as a kid i would spend hours exploring, room by room.
(probably where my love of all things antique & fanciful came from.)}

..is coming to the internet.

aliceanna will finally have a home on the world wide web as of next month.

on a sidenote, i just want to say in the 4 short months i've been blogging on the reg, i've managed to receive over 1,000 page views (mom?). so for those who are reading and following along, thank you so much.


birthday suit

Rag & bone Lela Rose 

rag & bone coat + lela rose dress

Lot78  Edun 

lot78 suede biker jacket + edun dress

Maison Martin Margiela Haute Hippie  

maison martin margiela handmade tassled gilet + haute hippie dress

Chloé Lanvin 

chloé blazer + lanvin dress

all images via net-a-porter

in the chance i win the lottery between now and my birthday, i took the liberty of surfing net-a-porter for a birthday outfit.


fashion district (!)

aliceanna was asked to participate in readysetdc's fashion district next month.

despite an already full plate, i could not refuse this amazing opportunity.

now someone buy me a case of red bull!


instagramin' fool

1. josie dresses in pieces
2. new tennis shoes for spring
3. aliceanna production line in my house
4. my first purchase for my home in annapolis - which i sold this week to prepare for my move to la...
5. ...with this one.

i am getting wayy too into instagram.