sedona photo diary


we spent a couple days in sedona, arizona en route to la. it is a place i've wanted to visit for several years now. the red rocks are stunning and contain so much geological history.
our tour guide blair drove us up the colorado plateau in a open air jeep and explained the geological & cultural history of sedona. blair said the pacific ocean covered arizona hundreds of millions of years ago. some of the red rocks have a lighter, almost white appearance at the top of them. the white tips of the rocks (best seen in the last photo) were essentially islands in the ocean and the red portion was all under water. 
we drove up the colorado plateau, the 2nd largest in the world, and noticed the white rock beneath our feet had eroded to sand. i couldn't wrap my head around the fact that we were standing on a beach on top of a mountain.
he also pointed out the remains of what was once the ocean floor. in the second to the last picture, the huge gray flat slabs of rock are the remains of a prehistoric sea floor. 
in addition to my geology lesson, i discovered the best margarita i have ever had: a patron mango margarita at plaza bonita, ate delicicious tofu pad woon sen at thai palace, saw lucy & desi's sedona home, and did some hiking up some of the smaller red rocks.

definitely a trip worth taking.