q + a: darin gilliam

company name + product overview?
LITTLE by darin michelle (LBDM) is a maryland-based streetwear brand, specializing in t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, accessories and art prints.

best/most rewarding part about what you do?
the best part of what I do is that i really love it. i love graphic design, i love the streetwear culture and i love having a solid chance to represent my home (maryland).

what's currently inspiring you?
i am currently inspired by children's paintings. i was given this small 10x10 inch painting, which was done by a child and fell in love with how simple it was. i tend to get too caught up to have that freedom to just create and be and not feel too much pressure.

what blogs/sites are you reading daily?
i read the hundreds & benny gold daily! I have been introduced to so many great artists, musicians and clothing designers through their blogs.

favorite indie/emerging label?
my favorite independent label is benny gold. his aesthetics and detail are great! he's definitely made a name for himself while maintaining that homegrown custom feel. i have currently been obsessed with peter do. this man can do no wrong in fashion in my eyes. i love every sketch, drape, stud...everything! i also love the sunglasses by cutie dynamite.

personal style icon at the moment?
i am currently really into rita ora's style. i love that woman! i feel like her sense of style is pretty close to mine. she truly knows how to dress up any and everything.

what is in heavy rotation in your closet right now?
loose t-shirts with tights and short shorts. i love being comfy and cute and this is the best way I know how to do it.

what would your last meal be?
ooooh....this one is gonna be tough!!! i love food, but...filet mignon, grilled shrimp, caesar salad and a newcastle! mmmm...all of that!

place you'd like to travel to next?
my dream travel destination is provence, france! the food, wine, scenery...i need it all!

beauty product you currently can't live without?
eos lip balm is my JAM right now! that and origins full story mascara. these two are a must before I leave the house.

what's next for you in terms of your business/career?
i have been revamping LBDM for the last year and feel that i have finally found a landing spot for turning this streetwear brand into a true lifestyle brand. i'm currently working on creating more sustainable and collectible clothing. i am so excited about feeling like all my toiling for the past year will be fully and truly represented within the next year. i would share more, but I can't give out all my secrets. :)

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twitter: @littlebydm