q + a: hannalei taylor

company name + product overview?
3thimbles is an eco-friendly brand that was born in early 2011. it consists of two parts: organics and lost & found. organics is a collection of handmade separates made from organic cotton blends and knits. the pieces are feminine with clean lines and sweet, simple details. lost & found are pieces I collect from thrift stores & closets that are cleaned out. each one is a vintage piece reminiscent of 1970's to 1990's. some of them receive a little tlc since they've been around awhile. i love the idea of giving new life to a garment that craves another debut. you'll find accessories in the 3thimbles collections as well.

best/most rewarding part about what you do?
doing what I absolutely love. fashion design for me is like a diary that I can share with everyone. it's a compilation of colors, fabrics, silhouettes that I love!

what's currently inspiring you?
life. for me, it's always changing...the location, the people I surround myself with, the experiences.

what blogs/sites are you reading daily?
there's not enough time in my day to read blogs daily. when I do have the time, one I retreat to is style girl jess james. she covers fashion events and highlights for the southern states that I hold so dear.

favorite indie/emerging label?
i don't have one favorite emerging label. there are so many new talented designers that are contributing to the fashion industry that is cradled today. i love to follow the designers that are making waves in the eco-friendly niche.

your style icon at the moment? 
my daughter. she dresses each day without second thought and loves her outfit from head to toe...rainbow heart necklaces to silver braided gladiator sandals.

what is in heavy rotation in your closet right now? 
thrift store finds. i recently found a BONGO jean skirt! i'm wearing it now.

what would your last meal be?
a huge piece of plain cheesecake and a cup of coffee from my parent's kitchen.

place you'd like to travel to next?
anywhere I can enjoy being with husband and daughter...just us. as long as it involves the sun and the outdoors.

beauty product you currently can't live without?
the one thing I cannot live without is floss. is this a beauty product? to me, it SO is. if I can't floss, I'm a wreck.

what's next for you in terms of your business/career?
i want to help make eco-friendly fashion the main choice when buyers and customers are shopping for the next "thing." i think the way we consume is improving but we have a long way to go. i want 3thimbles to be one of the eco-friendly brands that helped make this change.

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