beauty necessities

i'm always dying to know other women's favorite beauty products. here's what's in my medicine cabinet right now; a carefully selected mix of makeup, hair & skin products.

i barely wear makeup, but i do try to accent certain features; my lips, eyes & brows. 
i purchased in maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in royal red after seeing ashley olsen on the cover of nylon wearing it. it's the perfect shade of red for me.
benefit's benetint is my day-to-day lip color. the more you layer on, the darker and longer the tint will last. 
a dab of benefit's erase paste my eyes under my eyes and on my lids provides an even, flawless, i-got-8-hours-of-sleep look.
my portuguese/labenese/italian mother passed down to me some out of control eyebrows. anastasia's brow gel keeps my brows in place and it is the one product i can not live without. 
a couple years ago i set out to find the most appealing, masculine-scented womens cologne. i tried dozens and almost gave up until i discovered jo malone's 154 cologne. it is my signature scent. men and women regularly stop to ask me what it is. i even have a purple purse-sized vial of it. i change it up occasionally with tocca's stella when i'm feeling girly & tom ford's violet blonde went i want a heavier, sexier scent.

i discovered shea moisture's moisture retention shampoo recently, and it has been life-changing. use it, and you'll see why.
i go a day or two between washing my hair and maranta's dry shampoo keeps my hair looking fresh. 
i spray john master's organic sea mist on my hair daily, wet or dry. it produces tousled, beachy waves. i haven't used a blow dryer in months. 
aveda's pure abundance hair potion will put some serious volume in your hair. and it's pretty much fool-proof. also great for second-day hair.
josie maran's 100% pure argan oil is a multi-tasker. a fantastic moisturizer for your face, and great for repairing damaged ends. it's rich in vitamin e and also evens skin tone and heals scarring. my boyfriend uses trader joe's jojoba oil in his hair.

ever since purchasing my first eos organic smooth sphere a few months back, i've haven't come close to chapped lips. i won't mess with any other balm.
i swipe desert essence's tea tree oil facial pads across my face after washing with soap to absorb leftover oil and make-up. these babies will have your skin looking radiant.
dr. bronner's pure castille soap contains simple, natural ingredients, which has become so important to me.
an anthropologie candle jar hold q-tips + cottonballs.
i use good ol' vaseline to remove make-up at the end of the day. my mom has used it for 30 years. she just turned 60 but gets mistaken for 45. it's gotta be contributing somehow.
i pop an optizinc whenever i start to feel under the weather or feel a sore throat coming on. this zinc supplement zaps free radicals and i'm back to feeling better in no time. also a great treatment for acne.