q + a: katherine martinez

name/company name/product overview?
katherine martinez, creative director of la petite marmoset. i work together with ashley turchin. we have an online store that sells both vintage and redesigned vintage pieces that have been updated for a modern fit/style. 

best/most rewarding part about what you do?
the most rewarding part is seeing how happy customers are to receive their items/receive styling tips! sometimes we take for granted that we love playing with clothes, but there are some women who want a little nudge in the right direction when it comes to incorporating vintage into their wardrobes---one woman went so far as to send us pictures of accessories she already owned and asked how she could wear them with a particular piece.

what's currently inspiring you?
currently i'm inspired by colorful street art around DC---every time i pass an interesting wall/corner, i make a mental note to go back and do a blog post there.  i'm also inspired by indian silks/embellishments--i think they are some of the most beautiful fabrics out there. i recently found a vintage sari and became obsessed!

what blogs/sites are you reading daily?
this could be a very long list. i read a bunch of local DC blogs through the president wears prada (they compile them in one place) as well as lust for life, fashiontoast, style scrapbook, cocorosawheredidugetthat and
as far as sites, style.com, refinery29 & drudge report.

favorite indie/emerging label?
i recently discovered pure dead brilliant---they take famous lyrics and etch them into pendants, bangles, and knuckle rings.

your style icon at the moment?
miroslava duma---she is more petite and curvy than most fashion week attendees but she still rocks awesome combinations! she wore a jeweled headpiece with a suit recently that had me drooling.

what is in heavy rotation in your closet right now?
my pair of calvin klein vivian nude heels---they literally go with everything and give you legs for days.

what would your last meal be?
wow...this is an intense question! i would have to say...10 chocolate cupcakes. might as well go out on a sugar high.

place you'd like to travel to next?
santorini--- i'm half greek so I'd like to get to know my roots! i'm also getting more than a little jealous of everyone's fabulous vacation photos.

beauty product you currently can't live without?
coconut oil---it makes your skin so soft!

what's next for you in terms of your business/career?
we have some hairy scary goals i'm not allowed to speak about yet, but for right now i'm excited to release our fall line and shoot our next lookbook! think back-to-school meets fall meets DC nightlife.