biker babe

i've been itching for a leather jacket, but to me it doesn't feel ethically right to throw down money on a brand new piece of leather because: 1. i don't roll like that cash-wise and 2. i'm over here trying to reduce my carbon footprint and be ethically moral.

thaaat is why all signs point towards olga road (get it?). the good people at olga road take second-hand leather trench coats and upcycle the leather into amazing jackets. each jacket is one of a kind and has it's own unique elements.

i can't get over the PURPLE leather jackets on their site. so rad. i'm leaning towards a blue or black jacket for myself. the hard part is picking a style out, because they are all pretty much on point (a hooded leather jacket, are you kidding me?!)

check out olga road here.