fall beauty pickies

via sephora

a couple new products i bought while visiting home that have officially earned a permanent spot in my
make-up bag.

chanel precision eyelash curler | yis yis, i know it's $35. but it's chanel. and it's the best i've ever had. it takes my eyelashes from super long and darting in every direction to super long and perfectly in a row, and keeps them there all day.
nars lipstick in 'fast ride' | my go-to fall lip. my mom actually bought this for herself, but thought it clashed with her medium olive skin tone. i scooped it up because it actually complements my pinky light olive skin tone well.
chanel rouge allure velvet luminous matte lipcolor in 'la rafinee' | the perfect pink. and i'm not talking a cutesy, bright pink. it's a gorgeous, sexy pink.
nails inc. nail polish in 'chelsea embankment' | super fine gold glitter with great coverage. two coats will have your nails completely covered in glitter. super impressed and really happy i found this polish.

would like to hear more fall beauty favorites! always looking for great products.