the proust questionnaire

Your favorite virtue. ...compassion. i have the word tattooed on my spine.
Your favorite qualities in a man. ...a sense of humor, kindness.
Your favorite qualities in a woman. ...a sense of humor, loyalty, independence (able to get on just as well by herself as with a partner).
Your favorite occupation. baker, florist. anyone who creates beautiful things and makes a modest, honest living.
Your chief characteristic. ...i'm a tough cookie.
Your idea of happiness. ...travelling & exploring new cities and towns. an evening spent cooking dinner, drinking wine, having dessert with good company.
Your idea of misery. ...being uneducated. also, being born, raised and having lived your entire life in the same place.
Your favorite color and flower.   purple. peonies.
If not yourself, who would you be? ...a gyspy. or aaron paul's wife for a day--a week.
Where would you like to live? ...all over the south; savannah, charleston, birmingham, and everywhere in between.
Your favorite prose authors. ...edgar allan poe. 'all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.'
Your favorite poets. ...charles bukowski. his gravestone reads 'don't try.' 
Your favorite painters and composers. ...frida kahlo, georgia o'keefe. i am biased towards my friends' music because i see the sweat they put into creating it.
Your favorite heroes in real life. ...my dad.
Your favorite heroines in real life. ...my mom, my grandmothers, elizabeth taylor, the mulleavy sisters.
Your favorite heroes in fiction.  ...butch cassidy & the sundance kid (my parents saw this on their first date at the movies).
Your favorite heroines in fiction. ...cecilia tallis, katie morosky (misty water-colored memories), maggie pollitt. 
Your favorite food and drink. ...coconut water from a freshly cracked coconut. thai food (preferably from jitlada), ice cream.
Your favorite names. ...louise (mother's name), filomena (mother's middle name), arabella (just because it's beautiful). I like more conventional boys' names, the kind that are passed down through families.
Your pet aversion. ...pettiness. jealousy. people who act like they have it together all the time and are afraid to show their faults.
What characters in history do you most dislike? ...anyone who has ever severely bullied someone because they were different. anyone who has ever hurt a child for no reason at all. my heart goes out.
What is your present state of mind? ...delicious uncertainty, but some days it feels more like uncertainty.
For what fault have you most toleration? ...people who arrive late, because i tend to run late.
Your favorite motto. ...'look forward to the future with delicious uncertainty.' - wise man in sedona
How you would die if the option were yours? ...when i'm good & ready. when i feel like i've accomplished every last possible thing i came here to accomplish.

a couple weeks ago the man repeller herself  encouraged all of her readers to take the proust questionnaire. 
you'd be surprised what you can still learn about yourself. at the very least, it's a fun way to spend 15 minutes.