goals + accomplishments

photo taken on new years day, 2012

accomplishments in 2012
-made aliceanna a recognized name in the dc fashion community 
-moved cross country to los angeles
-made a second visit to one of my favorite cities, new orleans, and visited some new favorites-santa fe, sedona & austin
-went on an entirely gluten-free diet due to an allergy
-started juicing daily

goals for 2013
-make aliceanna a recognized name in the la fashion community
-take more trips, including a drive up the west coast
-drink more water
-hike all the secret staircases of los angeles
-smile often
-cut sugar out of my diet
-sleep 7-8 hours every night
-get ready for the day each morning (i'm known for sewing all day in my pjs)

keepin' it simple.
when i set my mind on something, i tend to work my butt off until i've accomplished whatever it is.
looking forward to expanding, growing and crossing this list off in 2013!